2007 August 30 Thursday. [スノーマン先生の英文ブログ]

Last night after I finished my last class at 20:00, I went outside to mail some postcards at the postbox in front of the 道の駅 あさひかわ which is right next door to my classroom. 

Just out of curiosity, I went inside the Roadside Rest Station to see what kind of posters were pasted to the walls of the long hallway there.  

One poster in particular caught my eye.  

You can see a photo of it above/left.   

It says; The second annual Master of Hokkaido Tourism examination to be held on 2007 November 23, Friday and National Holiday. 

Over on the right side of the poster it says; Because I Like Hokkaido.  


They must have made this exam just for me!  

I hurried back home and took a look at the official website which you can see here.   

After reading the entire contents of the website, I decided right then and there, to take the exam.  

I will stop by the Asahikawa Chamber of Commerce tomorrow morning, after I finish my 9:00 class at the Dokan Nursing School, and buy the textbook which I need to study for the test.  

I can't wait!   

By the way, I also finished a new auto-playing photo slideshow that I made of GaRou No Taki 賀老の滝 which is located in ShimaMaki Village 島牧村.  

You can view it by clicking here.  




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